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How does our community raise money for United Way and its funded programs?

Workplace campaigns provide the bulk of donor dollars. Employers allow United Way to enter the workplace to inform employees about funded community services and give them the opportunity to contribute financial support. Many employers offer the convenience of payroll deduction.

Each business controls its own internal campaign, and its leadership appoints a coordinator to oversee the effort. United Way encourages the formation of committees to involve a number of people in planning. Often, these groups visit United Way agency partners for inspiration. Committee ideas such as carnivals, art contests, cookbook sales, jeans days, and other creative activities help employees enjoy themselves while making a contribution and learning about local services. United Way is always happy to help with fun activities and ideas.

Community volunteers call on company decision-makers to ask them to run campaigns during the year. United Way campaign staff:

  • provide planning assistance
  • arrange for agency speakers at employee group meetings
  • distribute materials and make presentations about programs
  • help coordinators complete record-keeping tasks

If you would like information about a campaign in your workplace, contact the United Way office at (260) 824-5589.

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