Women United


United Way of Wells County has established a priority on ensuring that all our children are ready to enter Kindergarten. We know conclusively that by the age of three, the brain grows to 80 percent of its adult size, and that vital learning happens before the age of five. We feel it is essential to provide a community that supports high-quality early learning, so women across our county are joining together in Women United to raise funds and volunteer for local programs that center around early learning.

Here are some of the ways you can participate:

  • Volunteer to read at a local pre-school
  • Share the Women United message with your friends
  • Write an article or blog post (we will even give you a list of topics
  • Serve on an event-planning committee
  • Become a Mentor Mom
  • Participate in the Fall Reading Program
  • Join Women United . . . because we ALL win when a child succeeds!

Mission Statement: "To provide women opportunities to build the educational foundation of our community's children."