Browse our list of frequently asked questions below and if you still do not find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!

1Who makes decisions for United Way of Wells County?
United Way of Wells County is a volunteer-driven organization. Its board of directors is comprised of knowledgeable community leaders, all of whom live and / or work in Wells County. The board establishes policy and allocates resources to assure that United Way of Wells County is properly managed.
2What does United Way of Wells County do?
United Way of Wells County continues to strive to create a stronger, healthier community for everyone. It now plays an expanded role, as a community-builder. In partnership with business, government, and other nonprofit groups, United Way gets people talking about big issues that affect the whole community – and helps gather resources and connect the people to bring about change. Working together, in a united way, we can all do more collectively than we could do by individually.
3Is United Way of Wells County controlled by its national organization, United Way Worldwide?
No. United Way of Wells County is an autonomous local organization. All funding policies and decisions are made by local volunteers. The organization receives services from United Way Worlwide, a trade organization that assists more than 1,200 local United Ways with market research information, licenses use of the United Way logo, and helps cultivate relationships with major national employers as well as the National Football League (NFL).
4Who decides how much money goes to each program or service?
People just like you! Trained volunteers work on committees called Vision Councils, which study human problems and the best way to remedy them. Those volunteer groups make recommendations on funding, identify programs that will help our community reach those goals, and even recommend partnerships or changes in public policy that should be adopted to influence change. United Way’s board of directors makes final funding decisions.
5Does the money United Way of Wells County raises stay in Wells County?
Aside from dues paid to its state and national organizations, the funds raised benefit Wells County residents.
6How can I become a volunteer?
United Way and its agency partners have many volunteer opportunities available. To learn more, contact the United Way office (824-5589) or any of the partner agencies.
7What if I don’t like feeling pressured to give?
We believe strongly that giving is a personal choice. In fact, we encourage peer solicitation and employee meetings specifically to avoid the possibility of coercion and to give interested individuals the opportunity to be both informed about, and involved in, our mission. Any pressure is contradictory to our operating principles. If you feel pressured to give, we recommend you discuss your discomfort with your coordinator.
8I don’t live in Wells County. Why should I give?
United Way supports local services. If you like, you can choose to designate your gift to a United Way in another community.
9I never use the agency services. Why should I give?
You may not need help from United Way programs today, but you or someone you care about may need them in the future. United Way-funded programs help people deal with problems and issues every day. Those issues may affect not only an individual, but also perhaps others around them – family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. You could be one of those people. Your financial and volunteer support ensures that help is available.
10What if United Way of Wells County funds programs at an agency I don’t like?
The campaign raises funds for many programs, all judged important by volunteers serving on vision councils. These programs serve a wide range of human needs, such as emergency shelter. If you feel strongly about directing your gift, we suggest you use the Donor Choice form to designate to services you most want to support.
11Does United Way of Wells County fund abortion?
No. Some people have incorrectly assumed, or been misinformed, that the local United Way funds medical procedures to terminate pregnancy. That is not true. We will be happy to provide you with a list of funded programs upon request.