The job of legislators is to respond to the needs of their constituents - that means you! It's important that legislators know that someone is paying attention to the issues that affect struggling families. Make your voice heard!

  • Email is the fastest and most popular way to get in touch with legislators. Short, informative, personalized messages have more impact. Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.
  • You can send a letter. Because so few people take the time to craft a thoughtful letter, doing so almost guarantees that your letter will capture the attention of the legislator and his/her staff.
  • It is difficult to get a legislator on the phone, but you can certainly give your message to a staff person. Before you call, get your message together and be prepared to give your name, address and telephone number.
  • Meet your legislator in a district office. Know that you'll have to make the appointment in advance, but this can be a very productive way to advocate for your issues.